Cockles and Muscles

Director: Martineau and Ducastel

Cockles and Muscles, the fourth film from the Martineau and Ducastel team, is a charming reflection on the positive aspects of love. The film is set on the Riviera, where Beatrix (a stunning Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi), Marc (Gilbert Melki) and their two teenage children Laura and Charly are settling in for the family vacances. The summer heat soon begins to kindle all kinds of desires and very quickly everyone except the suspiciously uptight Marc starts seeking passion in unexpected arms—or heading into the shower for some steamy self-pleasuring if those arms fail to respond. Throw in Charly’s cute gay friend Martin, Beatrix’s conviction that the two are more than just friends, and a sexy plumber with a past, and you have all you need for brilliant farce à la Feydeau. Cockles and Muscles brilliantly carries on the themes of honesty, freedom and love explored in all of Ducastel and Martineau’s work. It also reflects their fascination with the individual and the family that was evident in Ma vie (Ma vraie vie à Rouen) and Drôle de Felix.

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