CineFrance is an annual celebration of French cinema mounted by the Film Institute of Ireland in collaboration with the French Embassy in Dublin. As always, the festival will include a large selection of new features and a special retrospective. This year we’ll be paying tribute to one of the great icons of French cinema, Jeanne Moreau, who will attend the event.
Mme. Moreau came to the attention of international audiences through her work with some of the most influential directors of the 1960s. The retrospective will feature her in films for Louis Malle (Lift to the Scaffold/Ascenseur pour l’echaufaud, Les Amants/The Lovers), Peter Brook (Moderato Cantabile), François Truffaut (Jules et Jim), Joseph Losey (Eve), Luis Buñuel (Diary of a Chambermaid/Le Journal de femme de chambre) and Tony Richardson (Mademoiselle). In addition to her eminence as a performer, Jeanne Moreau has also distinguished herself as a director with Lillian Gish (1983), Lumiere (1976) and L’Adolescente (1979). Moreau is also the star of our opening film, Cet amour-la, and will attend the Irish premiere with director Josee Dayan..
The festival’s other main guest will be director Patrice Leconte, an IFC favourite who was the subject of a comprehensive retrospective in 2000. The prolific M. Leconte has two new films in this year’s CineFrance, Rue des plaisirs and his very latest, The Man on the Train/L’Homme du train. The Man on the Train, which received rave reviews from this year’s Venice and Toronto festivals, will be our closing film on December 8.
Other new films will include Jean-François Stevenin’s Mischka, Roumain Goupil’s Une pure coincidence, Etienne Chatiliez’s Tanguy, Jacques Nolot’s La chatte à deux têtes, Philippe Garrel’s Sauvage innocence, Nicole Garcia’s L’Adversaire and many others. It looks like a very good year.

A special programme booklet and website will be produced for the festival and made available from the IFC and other outlets from early November.

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