Borza, Macari, Cafolla, Mizzoni, Cassoni… some of the names with which the discerning Irish fish and chip consumer will be familiar. For nigh on 100 years, these and other Italian families have provided fish, chips and the odd battered burger to Dublin’s hungry masses. In fact, since the early 20th century, upwards of 4,000 Italians have settled in Dublin. Following Barbato Borza (son of chipper legend Donato Borza) on a trip to Casalattico, director Nino Tropiano tells the story of Dublin’s Italian chippers, a charming and nostalgic story of struggle, of family, and of chips.

Director Nino Tropiano will attend the screening.

Also showing: Crispy bits and Caviar
Director: Crispin Rodwell • 2007

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