102 minutes, U.S.A., 2014, Colour, D-Cinema

This film was released on Friday 20th February 2015 and is no longer screening.

No longer welcome at her chronic pain support group after she voices an acerbic response to the suicide of one of her fellow members, Claire (a convincingly dishevelled Jennifer Aniston) returns to her lavish California home, skips dinner and opts for a round of painkillers instead. Living with constant, debilitating discomfort, the cause of which is astutely left out of the picture for the film’s first half, Claire rejects all offers of support except from her benevolent Mexican housekeeper Silvana, played by the excellent Adriana Barraza.

The suicide of this girl however, a young wife and mother called Nina, soon begins to consume Claire and she decides, uncharacteristically, to seek out the husband and son left behind. What develops is an affecting and often droll account of the ways in which people, in the aftermath of trauma, deal with grief and the unpredictable effects of loss. (Notes by Alice Butler)

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