95 minutes| Spain| 2010| English dialogue| Colour| Anamorphic| Dolby Digital Stereo| 35mm.

A man wakes up in the dark. Sweating and disorientated, he flips on his Zippo lighter and realises that he is buried in a rough-hewn wooden crate. A mobile phone rings. The signal is dodgy and the phone’s battery life is ebbing, but through a series of verbal exchanges American truck driver Paul Conroy pieces together how he came to be buried beneath the sands of Iraq, following an attack on his convoy.

Trapping us inside the claustrophobic confines of Paul’s coffin, Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes and actor Ryan Reynolds draw us into this frustrated family man’s desperate fight for survival. Inventively and beautifully shot by Eduard Grau (A Single Man), deftly scripted by Chris Sparling and evocatively scored from Victor Reyes, this is a classic example of cinematic imagination squeezing every last drop of nail-biting tension from a tightly-focused thriller scenario. You’ll be holding your breath right through to the final image. (Notes by Nigel Floyd).

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