Director: Takeshi Kitano

In his best films, Takeshi ‘Beat’ Kitano combines his characteristic style of deadpan comedy and explosive violence with meditative and moving explorations of characters living by the rigorous code of the Yakuza. His latest masterwork, Brother, again takes us into the world of hard-boiled criminals bound together by tradition and mutual respect. Living on the edge of society, the values these men hold most dear are those of discipline, courage and, most importantly, honour.
Kitano plays Yamamoto, a member of the Japanese Yakuza deeply involved in a gang war with a rival clan. With the rest of his family all but wiped out, his only option is to start a new life in Los Angeles, where he has a younger brother, Ken. Implacable, his shoulders half-bowed by his tough life, a slight twitch glancing across his face from time to time, Yamamoto is a silent but deadly force. Ken is a small-time drug dealer, but the arrival of big brother changes the scene completely; he brings a ruthless and logical efficiency to everything he does. His strong-arm tactics attract immediate attention and soon they find themselves negotiating with the big boys. Growing in size and power, Yamamoto’s gang seems unstoppable until they take on the local Mafia, who will do anything to maintain their grip on the L.A. underworld.
U.S.A./France/U.K. 2000.
English subtitles.
Dolby digital stereo.
107 mins.

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