84 minutes| U.S.A.| 1984| Black and White| 35mm

Danny Rose (Allen) is a gentle theatrical agent whose clients include a one-legged tap-dancer, a balloon folder, and a crooner embroiled in an affair with a Mafia mobster’s girlfriend. When Danny is mistakenly fingered by the Mob as the girl’s lover, a madcap chase ensues. The film’s charm rests in the interaction between Allen’s resilient loser-hero and Mia Farrow’s brassy broad. Her opening close-up is tremendous: love at first sight.

Allen: ‘Years ago, when I was a cabaret comedian, we used to go over to one of those delicatessens around Broadway and 7th Avenue and sit for hours and relax after the show and have some food and talk and tell stories. People were very anecdotal. And all those people who are in that group in Broadway Danny Rose are the real thing. They are all comedians or ex-comedians and they have all done that. I knew them all.’

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