104 minutes, Spain, 2012, Silent, Intertitles subtitled, Black and White, D-Cinema

Yes, another celluloid Snow White, and another silent movie, but it’s essential to note that filmmaker Pablo Berger first proposed this back in 2005, when producers thought he was bonkers.

His take on the Grimm fairytale is slightly crazy, but in a good way, set in 1920s Spain, where a famous bullfighter is gored in the ring, his pregnant spouse dies giving birth to their daughter, and the little girl ends up in the clutches of his vixen-ish second wife (Maribel Verdú in full-on vamp mode).

Berger goes full-throttle on flamenco music, the corrida, and Hispanic machismo, before introducing a troupe of dwarf matadors, his floridly Gothic tale delivered in a blend of Buñuel, Browning, Murnau and Baz Luhrmann. No fusty act of recreation this, but a pulsating modern vision of the expressive possibilities of the silent era. Turned up to 11! (Notes by Trevor Johnston.)

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