90 minutes| U.S.| 2008| Colour

This year’s Horrorthon programme features several truly terrible movies, but make no mistake, as these are no ordinary stinkers – there are enough of those down your local multiplex. We’re talking about motion pictures so absolutely and fundamentally wrong that their creators have unwittingly concocted works of total genius. Case in point: Vietnamese writer/director James Nguyen’s hilarious ‘romantic thriller’, concerning a small San Francisco town under siege from a homicidal horde of exploding eagles and acid-spewing vultures: imagine Hitchcock’s The Birds as re-imagined by Tommy ‘The Room’ Wiseau, complete with woeful avian CGI seemingly concocted on an old Commodore 64 computer. Birdemic was discovered at the Sundance Festival, where its auteur, cruelly rejected by the programmers, drove around in a rented van covered in stuffed birds, handing out flyers. Now the Cult Of Birdemic is spreading the globe. None of us are safe. Watch the skies!

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