Between Night and Day

Director: Nicolai Rohde

2004. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby stereo SR. 88 min.

In Nicolai Rohde’s impressive psychodrama Between Night and Day, a train driver from Essen walks the line between hallucination and reality. As the ?lm opens, Achim Maerz (Richy Muller) leads a quiet, well-ordered life: he and his girlfriend are planning their future, and he enjoys a pleasant relationship with his fellow workers on the underground. All this comes to an abrupt end one day when Achim pulls into a station and spots a woman on the platform taking a running jump in front of his train. Powerless to do anything, Achim is traumatised by the event. He begins to suffer anxiety attacks, memory ?ashes, sleeplessness and painful sensitivity to light and noise—all of which only serve to make him increasingly introverted. Before long, the border between reality and imagination begins to blur as Achim descends into a twilight world where the dead seem to walk among the living. Director Rohde creates a stylised, almost abstract image of the city as labyrinth, where underground tunnels and dark passageways seem to channel the train driver’s unconscious fears and desires.

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