Belleville Rendez-vous

Director: Sylvain Chomet

France/Canada/Belgium/UK| 2002| Animation/Comedy| English Subtitles| 80 mins

Champion is an orphan who lives with his grandmother Madame Souza. She nurtures his passion for bicycles, and encourages him to enter the Tour de France. But, during the contest Champion and two other cyclists are abducted by the French Mafia, who smuggle them aboard an ocean liner bound for Belleville (a fantasy version of New York). Madame Souza gives chase on a paddle-boat, and is helped by 1930s singing trio The Triplettes in her search for her grandson.
Director Sylvain Chomet has created a surreal story that celebrates inventiveness, love and determination and also pokes fun at the differences between French and American food and cultures.

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