Irish Film Institute -BEAUTIFUL LOSERS


Director: Aaron Rose

USA • 2008 • 90 mins

In New York in the early ’90s, a group of like-minded outsiders found themselves at the heart of an arts movement born out of skateboarding, punk, hip-hop and graffiti. Based in Aaron Rose’s Lower East Side Alleged Gallery, they made art that reflected the lifestyles they led and developed their craft with almost no influence from the ‘establishment’ art world. As the director of Beautiful Losers, Rose has gathered together former collaborators such as Harmony Korine, Mike Mills, Cheryl Dunn, Barry McGee and Shepard Fairey to share their experiences of this time and examine the effect they had on the art world. Like All Tomorrow’s Parties (page 8) and Roll Up Your Sleeves (page 10), Beautiful Losers is a wonderful celebration of grass-roots creativity in which a do-it-yourself, independent ideology reigns supreme. ‘a celebration of people and community, what can happen when like-minded individuals really get it together’ The Los Angeles Times

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