Bear Cub

Director: Miguel Albaladejo

Spain| 2004. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 100 min.

Thirty-something dentist Pedro seems to have it all—a successful practice, a beautiful Madrid apartment, and a steady supply of intense, no-strings action with a circle of hot ‘bear’ buddies. After Pedro’s hippie sister leaves her inquisitive nine-year-old son Bernardo with him for what turns out to be a very extended stay, the stage is set for some great comic scenes as Pedro becomes uptight about his sexuality and his friends’ drug-use. Gradually this unlikely parental figure begins to learn a thing or two about responsibility and the loyalty of his friends, allowing both bear and cub to blossom and mature before our eyes. Until, that is, Bernardo’s disapproving maternal grandmother enters the picture intent upon getting custody of her grandson. Bear Cub is a complex and challenging film which pulls no punches in its handling of the issues surrounding gay parenting.

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