Bealtaine Arts Festival

The annual Bealtaine Arts Festival strives to make the arts more accessible to older people. The objective of this year’s event is to provide older people with the opportunity to participate in three cultural events in Dublin over a defined timeframe. The Film Institute of Ireland, in association with the Abbey Theatre and IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art), have arranged for two groups of older people (an active retirement group from Dublin and one from outside Dublin) to attend a film, a play and an exhibition over the space of two days in April. There will be two special screenings of Cathal Blacks Award winning Irish drama Korea on April 23rd and 24th at 2.00pm. Based on John McGahern’s short story and set in 1952 in a small town in Cavan, the film explores the conflict between a father and son in rural Ireland during the aftermath of the Civil War. The screenings will also be open to the public. There will also be a screening of the Australian hit comedy The Dish (see notes below) on May 2nd. For more information about these events, please contact: fiieducation on (01) 6795744.

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