Bajo Juarez: The City Devouring its Daughters

Director: Jose Antonio Cordero & Alejandra Sanchez

mexico • 2006 • subtitled colour • 96 mins

Following one mother’s attempt to uncover the truth behind her daughter’s disappearance and murder in the Mexican border city of Juarez, film-makers Alejandra Sanchez and Jose Antonio Cordero suggest awful reasons for the epidemic of female killings that’s plagued the city for at least 15 years: a total of 432 female victims in the Juarez area were found between 2003 and 2005 alone. First seen grieving at her daughter’s graveside, mother Norma emerges as a dogged activist pressing local and federal officials on the larger issue of suspected cover-ups and corruption surrounding the murder cases. Two investigative journalists discuss their work on the ‘femicide’ gripping the city, and, bit by bit through the course of the film, lay out their theories for the killings and the reasons they remain unsolved.

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