Director: Risteard Ó Domhnaill

Atlantic follows the fortunes of three small fishing communities as they struggle to maintain their way of life
in the face of mounting economic and ecological challenges. In Norway, where the fishing industry has been aggressively protected by national authorities, the maritime eco-system is now threatened by the search for new oil fields. In Newfoundland an oil boom has hit, sounding a death knell for the work of the fisherman who lost their livelihoods with the 1990s cod-fishing ban.

On Arranmore, local fishermen watch foreign super-trawlers hoover up fish stocks offshore while they fight to regain their fishing rights, forfeited by a short- sighted, EU-focused government. In this visually stunning new work, persuasively narrated by Brendan Gleeson, director Risteard Ó Domhnaill (The Pipe) brings the personal stories in the vital resource debate to the fore to explore how these communities must learn from the past in order to secure a brighter future. 

(Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn)

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