Total running time: 87 minutes

Like his installations, Apichatpong’s short films are not so much sketches for his features as jewel-like vignettes, each with its own formal (or informal) and aesthetic qualities. The programme starts with The Anthem (2006), a pre-screening ‘purification’ involving bitter mangoes and badminton. It goes on to include the mini-masterpiece Worldly Desires (2005), about filmmaking in the jungle, Mobile Men (2008), an interaction between the filmmaker and a Burmese immigrant boy, and Ghost of Asia (2005), in which Sakda Kaewbuadee (the village boy in Tropical Malady) has to act out children’s commands. Finally, A Letter to Uncle Boonmee (2009) is a sort-of prequel to the feature, reflecting the filmmaker’s thoughts during pre-production. It was ‘written’ in Nabua, the village where the Primitive installation was made, and is read aloud by two village boys.

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