Anna M.

Director: Michel Spinosa

France| 2007| 106 mins

The mesmerising Isabelle Carre plays Anna M., a shy, depressed young woman who, after a suicide attempt, meets the handsome, but married, Doctor Zanevsky and becomes convinced they are in love with each other. As her delusional obsession takes hold, her gestures of love become increasingly extreme. She follows him, steals his letters, sends him presents and rings him at home, day and night. Anna’s hopes that Zanevsky will finally acknowledge his love for her are not fulfilled. At first she is disappointed at his failure to surrender to his feelings, but then her disappointment gradually turns into hatred. The story takes on the nailbiting suspense of a thriller as we watch Anna’s seemingly unstoppable determination wreak havoc. Beautifully shot in a rich palette inspired by the sumptuous hues of Anna’s favourite painting by baroque artist Zurbaran, Anna M. is an extraordinary glimpse of the innerworld of a love that transcends reality.

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