Animated Shorts

A selection of the very best in lesbian and gay animation, claymation and art-based film-making, curated by the Screening Committee. An S&M tryst between a couple of suits in the award-winning Powerplay carries a hidden message. Christopher & Gordy are little fellas with big issues – gay Christopher likes to go to church and straight Gordy likes to go to war. In Lonely 15 Peter is worried that size matters when looking for love. The Ambiguously Gay Duo – The Third Leg Of Justice gives an insight into the private life of a pair of crime-fighting poofs, while more fun is had with sterotypes in Lofty Life. The bisexual Butler is kept busy serving his master and mistress – only too well. Annie Wright’s use of dolls to investigate sinister or strange states of mind is exemplified in her tale of a stalker, The Devil on her Mind, and in Beauty is the Beast, about the iron will which prevented the Marlene mask for cracking. In the long art-based animation Three Months With Pook a hectic Aussie queen talks about his relationship with his complicated lesbian girlfriend, Pook.

We are delighted that Annie Wright will be coming to present her films.

Powerplay 3 mins 35mm
Christopher & Gordy 5 mins 35mm
Lonely 15 3 mins, 35mm
The Ambiguously Gay Duo 4 mins DVD
Lofty Life Josh Pullman, UK 2005, DVD, 7 mins 30 secs
Butler 9 mins 30 secs
The Devil on her Mind (Annie Wright) 6 mins Beta SP PAL
Beauty is the Beast (Annie Wright) 10 mins Beta SP PAL
Three Months with Pook Jack Feldman, Australia, Beta SP PAL, 39 mins

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