Andrew & Jeremy get married

Director: Don Boyd

UK 2004| 35mm| 75 mins

Andrew and Jeremy are an odd couple. Andrew is an ex-bus driver and one-time drug user from an estate in Croydon, while litterateur Jeremy lives in Chelsea, in a flat so stuffed with bibelots that there’s hardly room to swing a cat. Yet the love between them is so certain that they decided to get married – legally register their partnership under the procedure set up by Mayor Ken Livingston in London.
Don Boyd follows the couple in the run up to the wedding, coaxing from them a rare and endearing frankness about themselves and their relationship, and setting it in the context of friends, extended family, and gay life in 21st century Britain. This is a highly accomplished, emotionally engaging documentary about two older men who are deeply in love and mature enough to understand the difficulties of commitment to marriage. This is a second chance to see this film, which screened at this year’s DIFF.

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