Director: RON MANN

FILM INFO: 68 minutes, U.S.A., 1933, Black and White, D-Cinema

This film was released on Friday 3rd April 2015 and is no longer screening.


The remarkable career of Robert Altman, as famous for his masterpieces as for his misfires, makes for an ideal documentary subject and Mann relishes the opportunity, giving a thoughtful account of one of cinema’s most influential figures. Charting his work on TV and features, the film conveys Altman’s refusal to conform and his tendency for exasperating producers and studio-heads wherever he ventured. The successes he enjoyed, firstly with MASH and then, to name a few, with Nashville, The Player and Short Cuts, as well as his failures, are evoked through interviews with the man himself and there are contributions from key collaborators including Elliott Gould, Julianne Moore and Lily Tomlin who are all asked to reflect on the meaning of ‘Altmanesque’.

What emerges is a portrait of a man who pursued his singular vision, ignored naysayers, recovered from setbacks and produced exceptional films that remain exciting, innovative and astute. (Notes by Alice Butler.)

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