As part of our Greene season and to coincide with the release of the new version of Brighton Rock, we’re pleased to present this talk by Adrian Wootton. The CEO of Film London and a longtime Greene aficionado who is preparing a new book on the author, Adrian will examine the life and illustrious career of the novelist, film critic and screenwriter. The presentation will incorporate a slide show and film clips. Tickets €5.

‘If you excite your audience first, you can put over what you will of horror, suffering, truth.’ So wrote Graham Greene about the popular cinema: it could also have been his writing credo. His novels demonstrated, in Ian McEwan’s phrase, that ‘the novel of adventure could also be a novel of ideas,’ with a verbal style that excited a filmmaker’s visual imagination.

The films in this second part of the season offer intriguing insights into that distinctive territory known as Greeneland, where fundamental issues of politics, faith and morality are explored in arresting locations and riveting narratives. Twenty years after his death, Greene’s popularity shows no sign of abating.

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