105 minutes, Denmark, 2014, Colour, Subtitled, D-Cinema

This film was released on Friday 20th March 2015 and is no longer screening.

Teaming up with writer Anders Thomas Jensen, with whom she collaborated on Brothers, After the Wedding and the Oscar-winning In a Better World, director Susanne Bier produces a morally complex thriller that closely resembles the tone of these earlier successes. Game of Thrones’ Nikol Coster-Waldau plays Andreas, an upright police officer called out with his partner to investigate a report of domestic disturbance.

Arriving at a squalid flat, the pair find loathsome ex-con and drug addict Tristan living with his girlfriend and their neglected baby but with no evidence of abuse, they are unable to extricate the child. Returning home to his wife and newborn son, Andreas tries to forget the incident until tragedy suddenly strikes and he finds himself resorting to measures he never would have thought imaginable. Upending audience assumptions in startling ways, A Second Chance combines taut drama with real and affecting social concern.  (Notes by Alice Butler.)

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