Irish Film Institute -A Four Letter Word

A Four Letter Word

Director: Casper Andreas

USA 2007| 85 min

Luke is a ‘typical’ Chelsea boy on Manhattan’s pumped-up gay scene. He likes to party and he likes to hook up… And he probably won’t remember your name. Luke’s estranged friend Marilyn is on the verge of a breakdown, manically planning her wedding whilst trying to process the fact that Trisha, her AA sponsor, has declared an attraction to her. Co-worker Zeke, a gay rights activist, is pushing Luke to go down the dreaded road of monogamy and then Stephen, a ‘total top’ who is not all he seems, enters the picture.
Luke soon realises that perhaps love is more than just a four letter word, in this sexy, funny and surprisingly romantic gay Sex and the City. ‘Carrying a wonderful message about staying true to oneself, something a lot of films of this kind embrace, but execute with a vast corniness, this film does the opposite. It soars above and beyond the rest of them. If Woody Allen were gay, this would be a film he would make.’ Scott Hoffman,
The opening film is preceded by a wine reception at the IFI at 7.30pm and followed by a special drinks reception in The Dragon.

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