Corporate Membership

IFI Corporate Membership packages are available for all organisations. Receive recognition for supporting the arts at the same time as treating employees to discounts and special offers.

Become an IFI Corporate Member and discover an exciting range of attractive benefits to engage your clients and staff.

The IFI provides a unique cultural offering and dynamic environment for our Corporate Members. Annual IFI Corporate Membership is flexible and scalable, and provides excellent value across client entertaining, staff engagement, business development opportunities, and bespoke events.

Uniquely, IFI Corporate Membership enables individual Members of your staff to join and avail of IFI Membership benefits throughout the year, independently, with the advantage of additional discounts.


The IFI is an approved body for tax relief:

  • Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status
  • Company Number: 11172
  • Charity Number: 20021429
  • Tax Clearance Number: 00041465-28462J

In the case of corporate donations, your company may claim a deduction for the donation as if it were a trading expense or an expense of management. For example, if your corporate donation to the IFI is €5,000, assuming a corporation tax rate of 12.5%, relief to your company is €625, i.e. €5,000 @ 12.5%. While the IFI has the benefit of €5,000, the cost to your company of making the donation is only €4,375 (€5,000 – €625). Your company will simply claim a deduction for the donation as if it were a trading expense or an expense of management.

You can read more on it at the revenue’s website here.

Choose a level to suit your organisation and needs:

CLASSIC €1000 + VAT  Perfect for smaller businesses and social committees.

EPIC €2,500 + VAT  Perfect for larger scale staff engagement and client entertaining.

AUTEUR €5,000 + VAT Private curated events, behind the scenes access, client and staff entertaining – bespoke and scalable.

For full IFI Corporate Membership details, contact the Membership Office on or call 01 612 9478


The IFI would like to thank our founding corporate members:

The IFI is supported
by The Arts Council

Arts Council of Ireland